Please check with your Team Leader for details on Lesson plan changes.  The lesson you download is the current lesson for your class room.  If you want a hard copy of the lesson please check with your Team Leader on procedures to get that information to you. 

If you are a smartphone user, your lesson will load onto your phone as a PDF file.​​ 

Please read through your lesson and select questions and/or activities to fit the time allotted, remember service is shorter and Pastor believes in allowing our youth the time to take advantage of activities,  free time, and the games.

We wanted to make the lessons fresh and relevant.  No idea is too small as we work together to build a program that can only get stronger. Please submit your ideas, activities guides, your lessons that were successful and other pertinent information to bring out the Servolution in all of us!
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StrongPoint Children Curriculum Download Site
This website has been developed to enhance your experience as a teacher.

As builders developing God's vessel's, we make warriors for God, for society, community and family, so they can experience God's Love, in order to lead, empower and make a difference, for the Kingdom!​
Welcome to the StrongPoint Church StrongPoint Kids Curriculum Download Site. This site has been created to enhance your experience as a teacher in our StrongPoint Kids and Heirs ministries.